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    In 1973, Ferrero nutella was the first product to be awarded the INSTITUT FRESENIUS seal of quality. This shows that consumer protection has long been a top priority for the confectionery retailer and that Ferrero always strives to provide the consumer with the best product quality and comprehensive safety. A quality you can rely on.

    Consumer protection is becoming increasingly important in Europe. Signs of this are the legal requirements for quality assurance in the production and use of food, which have been constantly increasing in recent years.

    The requirements include hygienic and chemical-analytical examinations as well as the review of the quality management system to ensure the high level of quality.

    Ferrero products with the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS seal of quality

    The quality of the following Ferrero products is regularly checked:

    • nutella
    • nutella&GO!
    • kinder Schokolade
    • kinder Riegel
    • kinder Country
    • Yogurette

    The scope of investigation for Ferrero products

    The statutory controls of the products and production facilities are carried out in the manufacturer’s own and in accredited laboratories such as those of the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.

    Ferrero has raised the bar even higher and for many years has commissioned SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS to subject a range of products to additional regular controls.

    As part of its tests, SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS examines the composition of the sealed products, including the raw materials used, checks parameters relevant to food law, as well as the information from Ferrero and assesses the product.

    Essential components of the regular checks are:

    • covert purchase of the Ferrero samples
    • sensory, microbiological and chemical-analytical control of the end product – independently and in addition to the Ferrero quality assurance
    • Review of nutritional values, vitamins, and minerals
    • Control of raw materials for freedom from residues and contaminants
    • Annual audit of the production facility

    The test plans are currently being revised. You will soon find the current overviews here.

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