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    What do we test at the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS seal of quality?

    SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS tests products and services in almost all sectors. For the area of food and nutrition, we take a holistic approach to our quality controls.

    This means that we not only test the raw materials and end products, but also include the packaging and manufacturing processes in our assessment. Products and services that have been awarded the “SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS Seal of Quality” have undergone an extensive testing process. This includes, for example, annual audits of manufacturers and suppliers.

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    Products awarded with the quality seal

    These products have successfully passed the quality seal process!

    Food and dietary supplements

    Healthy and safe food is the basis for good and balanced nutrition. Here you will find all products that have successfully passed the extensive seal testing process.

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    In the “Beverages” category, we primarily test mineral waters, but juices, flavored waters, beers, draft beer, wines and energy drinks are also tested in our laboratories. Here you will find all mineral waters and beverages that bear our seal of quality.

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    Food-related consumer goods

    We also test so-called food-related products with regard to their quality and safety. These products have been awarded the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS quality seal.

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    We are the experts for questions concerning product and system testing.

    We look forward to your requests and questions. Please feel free to use our contact form. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

    The name usage program of SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS

    Hygiene, food safety and the correct labeling of products are important tasks for manufacturers, retailers and service providers. They are all supported by our experts.

    Manufacturers and service providers also have the opportunity to advertise their regular inspections by us. The aim is to show you as a consumer at a glance that the manufacturer or service provider is conscientiously fulfilling its responsibility in the value chain.

    Before a product or service can be labeled and promoted, it must pass an individual name usage process.

    It is regularly tested by our laboratory for previously agreed analysis parameters. This is the only way to ensure consistently high product quality. The regular analyses by our independent institute support the manufacturers in being able to offer consumers a safe product and even to optimize it.

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    Our references for the use of the name “SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS”

    We regularly test these products and services.

    Food & Beverages

    Here you will find all the companies and products that participate in the name usage process for the food industry.

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    These companies take their responsibility for their guests seriously and let us audit them.

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    What advantages does the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS offer?

    Testing of a wide range of products (including beverages, food, dietary supplements, pet food).

    Testing of a wide range of services, e.g. in the hotel, restaurant and catering industry

    Support of quality assurance, taking into account legal requirements as well as new analytical methods

    Support of current trends in food marketing

    Orientation and safety for the end consumer

    Product and service-specific solutions to increase brand awareness