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    Information on the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS name usage program

    Here we have compiled the most important questions and answers for you.

    What is the difference between the quality seal and the name utilization program in relation to food?

    In addition to the quality seal, we offer manufacturers a framework for product testing as well as wide-ranging advertising opportunities for his product.

    Whereas in the Quality Seal testing program we test the entire supply chain of the product, in the name usage program the focus is clearly on the end product.

    In the name usage program, foodstuffs are subjected to regular declaration checks as required by law. In addition, the advertised product properties are regularly checked by audits and laboratory tests.

    Which products are eligible for name use at SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS? 

    In the area of name use, we primarily support manufacturers of packaged foods and pet food.

    Producers of food supplements also benefit from the use of the name.

    In the hotel and catering sector, companies can advertise the hygiene inspections carried out by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.


    Test methods, procedures, processes, standards and the laboratories of the entire SGS Group are regularly inspected by independent bodies.

    First and foremost is the DAkkS (German Accreditation Body).

    Further approvals are granted by the responsible authorities through proof of the corresponding qualification.

    Can I also advertise my product with a one-time test?

    No, this is not possible.

    The name usage can only be used with regular analyses. The regular tests by our laboratory are necessary in order to be able to guarantee customers a high, consistently holistic product quality.

    We are the experts for questions about the quality of food.

    We support you with all questions relating to food safety and the claiming of quality criteria for your products and services.

    Our references for the use of the name “SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS”

    We regularly test these products and services.

    Food & Beverages

    Here you will find all the companies and products that participate in the name usage process for the food industry.

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    These companies take their responsibility for their guests seriously and let us audit them.

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