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    Safe products through comprehensive quality management

    Food manufacturers pay particular attention to one aspect: the safety of their products. They need the certainty that they are only putting products on the market that are flawless. At all times, without exception.

    Seamless quality management is necessary to safeguard the entire supply chain, from raw materials and ingredients to the product ready for sale. Aspects such as transport, storage and packaging also play a crucial role in food safety.

    We want to offer consumers a “plus” in terms of safety. That is why the tests for our quality seal are based on a holistic approach with various test factors for verifiable quality.

    Proactive risk prevention

    Consumers are particularly sensitive when it comes to food: restoring lost trust is time-consuming and costly.

    If our experts find deviations or non-conformities during their inspections, you have the opportunity to correct them immediately – before a product is released for sale.

    This helps you avoid complaints about your food products and costly product recalls. These in particular are about more than financial losses. It’s about consumer confidence in the brand name of your food and the image of your company.

    SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS supports your internal quality management:

    • We advise you on product development and process engineering so that you can achieve a desired claim for your product.
    • We support your quality management. All of your company’s products benefit from this added value – even those that do not participate in the sealing process.
    • We help you relaunch your product, for example with communication and marketing campaigns.
    • We accompany you during the successful launch of your product into the German market.

    What you can expect from us

    Our seal of quality clearly stands out thanks to its holistic approach. It has been recognized in Germany for decades and is considered one of the most demanding seals on the market.

    It stands for the highest quality, conveys in-depth transparency and trust in the entire manufacturing process and draws more attention from customers at the point of sale.

    Our seal of quality offers you significantly more than other test marks that do not offer historically grown consumer trust and less strict test criteria:

    • Since our tests and criteria go beyond the minimum required by law, they show that their product development is future-oriented and that consumer well-being is important to them.
    • Since our quality and seal processes are intertwined, analyzes and tests do not have to be carried out twice.
    • In addition to our test criteria, we are also happy to carry out additional tests and analyzes according to your specifications in order to verify important and unique product properties from an independent source.
    • Regular follow-up inspections ensure that you maintain the high quality of your products over the long term.
    • Our globally active experts, who are well networked in their areas, inform you at an early stage if national or international changes to legal requirements are imminent.

    Focus on the product

    Competitive edge

    With our seal of quality, you create a USP for your products or processes that is comprehensible and visible to all consumers.

    In the market

    Our seal of quality also creates a trust advantage when launching new products.

    Brand protection

    Thanks to our seal of quality, you protect your brand through tests along the entire value chain.

    Consumer Trust

    Your products benefit from the consumer trust in our seal of quality that has grown over decades.

    We are the experts for questions about the quality of food.

    We support you with all questions relating to food safety and the claiming of quality criteria for your products and services.

    All about the quality seal

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