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    What is the idea behind the quality seal?

    We want to give consumers a “plus” in terms of safety. That is why the tests for our quality seal are based on a holistic approach with various test factors for verifiable quality.

    What does holistic mean? “Holistic” means that not only the finished end product, but its entire manufacturing process, including raw materials and packaging, is comprehensively and thoroughly tested. The central points of our process are the seal audit and the declaration audit: declaration and analytical test result must match. We obtain the samples for this directly from retailers (mystery shopping), among other things.

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    How do manufacturers receive the seal of quality?

    In order to obtain the seal, a preliminary inspection is first carried out. During this process, the selected products are analyzed and the production sites are visited by trained auditors and inspectors.

    All documents from the tests are then viewed and evaluated. A panel of several scientific experts then decides whether the product can be awarded the quality seal.

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    Laboratory analysis for more product quality since 1848

    For more than 175 years, the laboratories of SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS have stood for comprehensive and manufacturer-independent testing and consumer protection. To make product quality recognizable to everyone, we developed our quality seal in 1973.

    Since then, we have been testing products from a wide range of categories: From food, to beverages, to items for everyday use. Our goal is to contribute to consumer protection by helping manufacturers offer high-quality products. To ensure that you can rely on products awarded with our quality seal delivering what they promise, our testing methods are continuously being developed.

    We are the experts for questions about the quality of food.

    We support you in all questions concerning food safety and labelling of quality criteria of your products and services.

    Here you will find numerous products that we have already been able to award with our seal of quality.

    These products have successfully passed the quality seal process!

    Food and dietary supplements

    Healthy and safe food is the basis for a good and balanced diet. Here you will find all products that have successfully passed the extensive seal testing process.

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    In the “Beverages” category, we primarily test mineral waters, but juices, flavored waters, beers, drafts, wines and energy drinks are also examined in our laboratories. Here you will find all mineral waters and beverages that bear our seal of quality.

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    Food-related consumer goods

    We also test so-called food-related products with regard to their quality and safety. These products have been awarded the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS quality seal.

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    What advantages does the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS quality seal offer?

    Orientation and security for consumer

    Support of quality assurance

    Brand protection by examining the entire value chain

    Brand protection by examining the entire value chain

    Increase in brand awareness

    Consideration of legal requirements as well as new analytical methods and media interests

    Do you already know the name usage program?

    In this context, we not only offer you reliable product tests, but also a wide range of advertising opportunities for your product.

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    What does the name usage process involve?

    Hygiene, food safety and the correct labeling of products are particularly important for consumers. Even if the legislator makes clear specifications here, the additional claim on the product brings a plus in safety that is honored by the consumer.

    The name usage program offers manufacturers the opportunity to advertise defined product properties in a focused manner. The product is regularly tested in our laboratory for defined analytical parameters. In this way, we ensure consistently high product quality. This analysis focus can be advertised as an individual claim on the examined product after successful initial testing.

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    SGS audited services can also be advertised

    In the hotel and catering industry, our auditors check hygiene concepts, cleaning successes and the hygienically impeccable quality of food and beverages.

    These on-site audits are supported by laboratory tests. If all audits are passed, hotel and catering businesses can give their customers an additional measure of safety with the inspection by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.

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    Our references for the use of the name “SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS”

    We regularly test these products and services.

    Food & Beverages

    Here you will find all the companies and products that participate in the name usage process for the food industry.

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    These companies take their responsibility for their guests seriously and let us audit them.

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    We are the experts for questions about the quality of food.

    We support you with all questions relating to food safety and the claiming of quality criteria for your products and services.