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    GOLDSTEIG cheese specialties

    The company’s cheese dairies in Cham, Upper Palatinate, are known beyond the borders of Bavaria, above all for their mozzarella, hard cheese and semi-hard cheese.

    For its cheese specialties, GOLDSTEIG obtains and processes milk from dairies in the Bavarian Forest and the Bohemian Forest.

    The name GOLDSTEIG guarantees brand quality. The company not only promises customers a high level of enjoyment, but also a reliable level of safety with regard to its cheese products. The quality promise of the cheese dairies is: “GOLDSTEIG products meet the highest quality standards and are made from real Bavarian milk. Since we only want what is best for our environment, our dairy cows do not receive feed from overseas.”

    Selected products from the GOLDSTEIG cheese range bear the seal of quality from the SGS Institut Fresenius. This stands for regular quality control: In addition to the extensive internal tests by GOLDSTEIG and all external controls, the products are also tested by SGS Institut Fresenius with regard to a wide variety of parameters – from feed for the dairy cows to the finished cheese on the shelf.

    The quality controls take into account both the goods that are on the market and the preliminary stages of production and the packaging materials. This means that GOLDSTEIG is currently the only cheese dairy in Germany that has subjected its products to the strict controls for the SGS Institut Fresenius quality seal. With this, the company wants to set an example for quality, transparency and safety and be a pioneer, as it was with the introduction of the product labeling “without genetic engineering”.


    SGS Institut Fresenius tests the GOLDSTEIG cheese specialties mentioned regularly, independently and based on product-specific test plans.


    • Raw materials/milk
      • Testing for unwanted residues and contaminants (e.g. aflatoxin M1, heavy metals, veterinary drugs, dioxins, pesticides): quarterly
      • Testing for radioactivity: 6 months a year
      • Check for nitrite, nitrate: as required
    • Final product
      • Sensory tests: monthly
      • Microbiological tests (e.g. salmonella, listeria): monthly
      • Determination of the cheese parameters (fat in dry matter, dry matter or water in the fat-free cheese mass) and verification of gluten-free status: 3 months a year
      • Determination of nutritional information: 6 months a year
      • Verification of the absence of lactose in the claim: monthly
      • Checking of the additives and for undesirable residues and contamination (including nitrate, natamycin, MOSH/MOAH, plasticizer): 6 months a year
      • Verification of the declaration: as required
      • Determination of marketability within the framework of the examinations carried out: monthly
      • Test purchases: monthly
    • Packaging
      • Declaration of Conformity: every 3 years or when packaging/manufacturing changes
      • Chemical analysis: every 3 years or when packaging/manufacturing changes
    • Seal audit
      • Production: annually
      • Agricultural pre-stage: annually, inspection of the animal feed and dairy farms

    You can download detailed information on the scope of testing for GOLDSTEIG cheese specialties..


    GOLDSTEIG Käsereien Bayerwald GmbH is one of the most important producers of mozzarella in Germany and exports this product to almost all European countries.

    Around 720 employees produce cheese and dairy products under the GOLDSTEIG and Cammino D’Oro brands at the headquarters in Cham and at the production sites in Tittling and Stephansposching.

    “Of course from farmers” is the motto. Around 3,000 farmers from the Bavarian Forest and the Bohemian Forest deliver around 890 million kg of natural milk from the Green Roof of Europe, an ecologically and geographically preferred region. From this, GOLDSTEIG produces delicious product specialties such as mozzarella, hard cheese, semi-hard cheese as well as ricotta, mascarpone and butter.

    The name GOLDSTEIG guarantees the highest brand quality. This means the greatest possible natural enjoyment with the strictest quality assurance requirements. Since this enjoys the highest priority, GOLDSTEIG introduced a control system very early on, which is continuously being optimized and expanded. With various certifications, GOLDSTEIG guarantees the highest possible standards for food production.


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